Born out of a necessity to try something new, INSTRUMENTAL were formed in mid 1995. They began as six frustrated string players eager to push the boundaries of the music scene. Four years later they released an album of dance music covers, Acoustek, on the Big Chill label. Eagerly received, they played festivals and clubs until a new challenge beckoned…With the experience Acoustek brought them, the group felt ready to write, record and produce their own album. With the addition of tracks by Orbital and Joby Talbot, 60 Buddhas is the result of the now five-piece collective’s creative energy over a period of a year and a half. It’s been a long, hard and often dusty (!) road but the group have finally arrived at a place they can call home.

Catherine Browning, Brian Wright – Violins, Sally Ward – Viola, Andy Nice – Cello, Andy Waterworth – Double Bass



60 Buddhas

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