Cinderella on Ice


Catalog No: QTZ2073

This newly commissioned score has been composed by Tim A Duncan and Edward Barnwell, both highly regarded contemporary composers, and recorded by the 72-piece Moscow State Cinematic Orchestra and 10 soloists from the Manchester Symphony Orchestra.

    Duncan & Barnwell

  1. Overture
  2. The Gypsy
  3. The Watchmaker
  4. Cinderella’s Despair
  5. A Mother and Two Daughters
  6. A Walk in the Town Square
  7. Who was that Girl
  8. Find a Dress
  9. The Carriage
  10. Reception
  11. The Masked Waltz
  12. Cinderella’s Arrival
  13. Centre of Attention
  14. Dance Madness
  15. Where do I find her
  16. Let the Boys Dance
  17. The Shoe Fits
  18. Duet of Love