Peter Pan


Catalog No: QTZ2037
Composers: Stephen Warbeck

Peter Pan – A Ballet in 2 Acts

Music by Stephen Warbeck

Northern Ballet Theatre Orchestra

John Pryce-Jones, conductor

The beautiful new ballet score by Stephen Warbeck, the Academy Award-winning composer of the filmscore for Shakespeare in Love.

The score for this “Peter Pan” was written over a period of months after a meeting with David Nixon early in 2004. Like many people, I knew the story very well, but I knew it as a mass of different memories : a play, a pantomime, a book, a cartoon and various snippets and versions that we often come across. The one prevailing sympathy I had was for Captain Hook. So after meeting David and Pat Doyle I went back to the book to rediscover the other characters. I was surprised by how, as an adult, my sympathies had changed and I soon started to enjoy the other characters.

The way in to writing this score was through Tinkerbell -I started the ballet with the section that I thought was central to the story: Tinkerbell’s sacrifice. Originally this part was twenty five minutes long and David Nixon ‘phoned me and pointed out that this bit of the story did not justify such an extended dance. Various other much smaller changes were made during the process of composition { with the invaluable help of John Longstaff) and with our weekly ‘phone conversations David and I gradually arrived at the final score. Because of the nature of a piece like this, while writing the music I had strong
visual images of how the ballet would look, how Hook would enter, how he would fight, how Tinkerbell would die. how Mr. darling would greet his sons and so on. But unlike composition for film, none of these things existed yet and so when the actual choreography develops it was often a total surprise.

I thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration with David Nixon and Patricia Doyle and I was delighted with the excellence of the musicianship under the direction of John Pryce-Jones and his music team.

Stephen Warbeck

    Stephen Warbeck
  1. Peter Pan - Act 1: The Beginning
  2. Peter Pan - Act 1: The Room
  3. Peter Pan - Act 1: Children Playing
  4. Peter Pan - Act 1: Mr Darling enters the Room
  5. Peter Pan - Act 1: The Room darkens - Peter enters the Room
  6. Peter Pan - Act 1: Peter and the Shadow
  7. Peter Pan - Act 1: Tink begins to explore the Room
  8. Peter Pan - Act 1: Learning to fly
  9. Peter Pan - Act 1: The Flight
  10. Peter Pan - Act 1: The Lost Boys
  11. Peter Pan - Act 1: Arrival of the Pirates
  12. Peter Pan - Act 1: The Animals
  13. Peter Pan - Act 1: The Boys shoot Wendy
  14. Peter Pan - Act 1: The Lagoon (Mermaids)
  15. Peter Pan - Act 1: The Children and the Kite
  16. Peter Pan - Act 1: The Pirates
  17. Peter Pan - Act 1: The Crocodile
  18. Peter Pan - Act 1: The injured Peter on the rock
  19. Peter Pan - Act 2: Dinner and Food Fight
  20. Peter Pan - Act 2: Peter Arrives
  21. Peter Pan - Act 2: Medicine
  22. Peter Pan - Act 2: Peter and Wendy Duet
  23. Peter Pan - Act 2: The Pirates Abduction
  24. Peter Pan - Act 2: "I do believe in Fairies"
  25. Peter Pan - Act 2: Tink's Recovered Dance
  26. Peter Pan - Act 2: On Board the Jolly Roger
  27. Peter Pan - Act 2: The Crocodile returns
  28. Peter Pan - Act 2: The Fight
  29. Peter Pan - Act 2: The Crocodile after the Fight
  30. Peter Pan - Act 2: Victory Celebration
  31. Peter Pan - Act 2: Back at No. 14
  32. Peter Pan - Act 2: Peter arrives back at No. 14
  33. Peter Pan - Act 2: Farewell Dance - Peter and Wendy