Fernando Marin

Originally from Alicante, Fernando Marín has obtained an international musical education in Prague, Cologne, and Brussels. He received a Cello Degree from el Conservatorio de Oviedo, and Degrees in Viola da Gamba and Chamber Music at the Hochschule für Musik, Köln, studying with Alexander Fedortchenco and Wieland Kuijken (Brussels). His concerts engagements as a soloist and basso continuo player have taken him to Mexico, Holland, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Poland. Marin’s specialization in rediscovered instruments from the sixteenth century, as the Vihuela de arco and the Lyra-viol has been a highlight of his projects. He has researched the origins, methods of playing and repertoire of these instruments, developing a technique of accompanying the voice, elaborated on in his duo “Cantar alla Viola.” With this duo, formed together with the Jordanian-American soprano Nadine Balbeisi, he has made critically acclaimed recordings. Marín has also written articles on musical rhetoric and improvisation, which have been published by Nassarre, a journal of Musicology. Currently, he is the teacher of Viola da Gamba in the Conservatorio Profesional de Música in Zaragoza.