A Song for Daniel Pearl


Catalog No: QTZ2058
Artists: David Heath

A Song for Daniel Pearl
Moroccan Fantasy
The Truth Will Set You Free
The Passionate
The Celtic
Only Love Can Conquer Hate
Visions of Freedom
Land of Hope and Glory?
Elegy for Daniel Pearl

Featuring music from the HBO Documentary “THE JOURNALIST AND THE JIHADI”

David Heath’s moving tribute to Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street journalist kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan in 2002 by Jihadi extremists.

The murder of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan in 2002 by Jihadi extremists shocked the world. It was horrifying that a journalist intent on getting to the truth and in no way party to any violence, could have met his end in such a way.

A couple of years after Daniel’s death, his father Judea heard a piece of mine “Sirocco” and asked me if I would write a piece in Daniel’s honour.

I was very moved by Judea’s attitude to the tragedy, in that he intended to use his son’s death as a rallying call for decency, dialogue and understanding between people of all faiths.
Judea and Ruth Pearl started the Daniel Pearl Foundation “to promote cross-cultural understanding through journalism, music, and innovative communications”.

My subsequent piece “Elegy for Daniel Pearl” was a tribute to both Daniel and his parents Judea and Ruth.

Jamal who was making a documentary about Daniel. I played Ahmed the Elegy and then ended up writing the whole film score. I have included on this disc some of the original recordings used in the film.

This film, “The Journalist and the Jihadi” was released on HBO in 2006 and is a powerful and moving tribute to Daniel. It was recently nominated for two Emmys in the USA.

For a Muslim to make a moving and passionate film about a Jewish writer who was married to a Buddhist, with music by a Christian, represents, for me, everything that the Daniel Pearl Foundation is about.

Daniel Pearl was not only a journalist but a classical and bluegrass violinist.

    David Heath
  1. A Song for Daniel Pearl
  2. Moroccan Fantasy (i) Introduction
  3. Moroccan Fantasy (ii) The Casbar
  4. The Truth Will Set You Free
  5. Piano Concerto "The Passionate" - Slow Section
  6. The Celtic (i) Ceilidh
  7. The Celtic (ii) Lament for Collessie
  8. The Celtic (iii) The Cooper of Clapham
  9. Gottlieb
  10. Only Love Can Conquer Hate
  11. John Coltrane
  12. Naima (arr. David Heath)
  13. David Heath
  14. Visions of Freedom
  15. Edward Elgar
  16. Land of Hope and Glory? (arr. David Heath)
  17. David Heath
  18. Elegy for Daniel Pearl