Anton Dressler: Livemovement


Catalog No: QTZ2133
Composers: Anton Dressler

This album is a result of a long-term dream: to unite the natural sound of the clarinet and its electronic elaboration and to form a unique symbiosis where each part is enriched by interacting with the other. Myself, my clarinet techniques and my equipment evolve together in creating “Livemovement”, a modular concert program performed live.

A beautiful world has unfolded in front of me. Sonorities, voices, lines, echoes have conquered my imagination. This is an exciting journey between improvisation and composition, from the only voice towards polyphonic reflections – exploring and expanding the possibilities of the instrument and beyond, going further to seek that perfect place where space and time become actually the sound.

  1. Owlove
  2. Atlantis Suite
  3. Livemovement
  4. Inventango
  5. Waltz
  6. Chorale
  7. Batida de Coco
  8. Aria
  9. Vox Populi
  10. Canone
  11. Gigue
  12. Happy Code
  13. Two is better than one
  14. Contempo
  15. Walking on the wire
  16. Prayer
  17. Willbefine