Game Over


Catalog No: QTZ2010
Artists: Roman Mints

Sometimes It Rains – Ed Bennett
Story 1 – Artem Vassiliev
Criptophonic Piece – Alexander Raikhelson
String Factory – Ed Bennett
Largo Recitare – Taras Buevsky
Game Over – Artem Vassiliev

A remarkable album of works written specially for the celebrated Russian violinist Roman Mints. Technical virtuosity and state-of-the-art electronic manipulation combine to produce a startling, atmospheric and highly original CD.

Several years ago I met Artem Vassiliev, a Russian composer who writes both acoustic and electronic music. He introduced me to the world of electroacoustic music. Having listened to various electronic compositions I felt that despite some very interesting sounds and textures, an important element was missing. I realised that this “something” was a live human voice or an equivalent – a violin, for example. I commissioned Artem to write a piece for violin and tape for me. The result of our collaboration was Story I, which I first performed in Purcell Room during my Park Lane Group New Year Series recital. Soon after, another Russian composer Alexander Raikhelson wrote a piece for two violins and tape for the Homecoming Festival, of which I am the Co-Director. At that time, this kind of music was beginning to interest me more and more, so I decided to make this album. I contacted Irish composer Ed Bennett, whose “You Are Always Right” for voice and tape had impressed me deeply. He contributed two very contrasting pieces for the programme. Taras Buevsky, yet another Russian composer, wrote Largo Recitare, a dark and philosophical piece of music. Artem Vassiliev wrote the last piece, Game Over, for the fourth Homecoming Festival. I suggested to Artem, that the piece should start as any normal chamber music would and the tape should start only in the Coda, so it would be a complete surprise for the audience. What resulted was one of Artem’s “hits”, a piece which is still one of his most successful works.

I am most thankful to everybody who invested their time and talent into making of this recording, which has helped me realise a childhood dream, because this is probably as close as I will ever get to being a rock musician!

    Ed Bennet
  1. Sometimes in Rains
  2. Artem Vassiliev
  3. Story 1
  4. Alexander Raikhelson
  5. Criptophonic Piece
  6. Ed Bennet
  7. String Factory
  8. Taras Buevsky
  9. Largo Recitare
  10. Artem Vassiliev
  11. Game Over