Late Flower


Catalog No: QTZ2006
Artists: Steve Topping
Composers: Steve Topping

Woody Chimer
The Lost Song
Game of Light
Strolling Boy
On My Hill/Late Flower

The highly anticipated album from Steve Topping, one the foremost guitarists of our time and a seminal influence on a whole generation of rock, jazz and classical musicians. This album of new works features performances by several of his long-time collaborators including bassist Jimmy Johnson and drummer Gary Husband.

…for Generation Jones.

*If anyone wondered…Aigburth is a sort of walk through my childhood haunts.

    Steve Topping
  1. Woody Chimer
  2. The Lost Song
  3. Aigburth
  4. Game of Light
  5. Strolling Boy
  6. Jo
  7. On My Hill...Late Flower