Michael Nyman – The Piano Collection


Catalog No: QTZ2069
Composers: Michael Nyman

CLASSIC FM CD OF THE WEEK17-24 August 2009

Following her debut album last year on Quartz, Ksenia Bashmet’s beautiful new album features some of the best-loved works for piano by acclaimed British composer Michael Nyman. It includes pieces from several of his most famous films including Wonderland, The Piano, The Diary of Anne Frank and The End of the Affair.

Michael Nyman is a composer, pianist, librettist, writer, musicologist, photographer and film-maker whose work encompasses opera, concert music and film soundtracks of which The Draughtsman’s Contract and The Piano are the best-known. Since founding the Michael Nyman Band in 1977, which tours the world, he has worked with leading film directors and has collaborated with artists such as Mary Kelly, Damon Albarn, Carsten Nicolai and the recent Oscar winning Man on Wire star Phillippe Petit. An exhibition of his photographs and video-works was recently shown at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill and more exhibitions are planned. His music is available via an extensive range of recordings on his own label, MN Records.

    Michael Nyman
  1. The Heart Asks Pleasure First
  2. The Attraction of the Pedalling Ankle
  3. The Morrow
  4. Franklyn
  5. Odessa Beach
  6. The Schoolroom
  7. Diary of Love
  8. All Imperfect Things
  9. Why?
  10. If
  11. The Departure
  12. Silver-Fingered Fling
  13. Nadia
  14. Lost and Found
  15. The Mood that Passes Through You
  16. The Exchange
  17. Jack
  18. Candlefire
  19. Digital Tragedy
  20. Big My Secret
  21. Love
  22. Debbie
  23. Bill